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Cannabis Compounds for Medical Conditions: An evidence-based guide

James Williams, Ph. D. (author)

  • Learn which cannabis compounds are relevant to conditions such as arthritis, physical pain, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia, heart disease, and cancer.
  • Check any of the 1,400 citations and references in the web supplement to this book. 
  • Inform decision-makers in State and Federal governments about medical uses of cannabis compounds.
  • Strain developers: Develop new cannabis strains that target specific medical conditions.

Cannabis research articles are coming out at a rate of around 4,030 papers a year. Information in these articles is relevant to severe illnesses. Almost everyone knows someone facing harsh medical conditions. This book looks at these conditions and identifies compounds that, based on research, may help. For example, CBD and α-pinene help with arthritis.

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Each assertion presented in the book is backed by references to the research literature. The citations and referencs are availabe in a voluminous web supplement.


Cannabis Compounds for Medical Conditions is a useful handbook for patients seeking integrative approaches for specific medical conditions.  In my case, and with the approval of my orthopedic doctor, I was able to research which cannabinoids and terpenes are most likely to slow the progression and ease the pain of my osteoarthritis.  There is an extensive bibliography available on the handbook's website, which cites previous research articles for each condition.

I found the handbook and website together to be an almost encyclopedic guide to the multiple choices of cannabis compounds which are currently available.  Dr. Williams has presented the highlights in the easily readable paperback book which covers major illnesses of each organ system of the body.  Patients, physicians, and pharmacists alike should benefit from this research and practical guide.

Susan C. Daly MD

About the Author

At Carleton College, Jim Williams studied math and physics and was taught how scientists think. He received his Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley.

At Berkeley and later at BGSU and the MITRE Corporation, Jim wrote research papers in topology, algebra, category theory, logic, automated deduction, information security, and the integrity of medical information systems.

After retiring, Jim became curious why his doctors thought medical marijuana could help with his prostate cancer. This book grew out of his resulting curiosity.

For the book, Jim created a groundbreaking citation architecture based on the idea that every citation, reference, and cited work has a linkable online presence.

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