8.11 Cancers of the Brain and Nervous System


Killing Cells

Most brain tumors are metastases from lung cancer, breast cancer, melanoma, etc[metastases]. Cancers that arise within the central nervous system are referred to as primary CNS tumors. Most primary tumors are gliomas — cancers of the glial cells[primaries]. These cells nourish the neurons. The deadliest gliomas are the glioblastomas[glioblastomas].

Killing Cancer Cells

CBD kills glioma cancer cells via apoptosis in both in vitro and in animal xenograft studies[Massi_2003].

THC kills glioblastoma cells, and THC + CBD works better than either THC or CBD alone[Marcu_2011].

Preventing Invasion and Metastasis

β-Caryophyllene inhibits the proliferation of gioblastoma cells[Irrera_2020].

Controlling Inflammatory Cytokines

Controlling Inflammatory Cytokines

TGF-β exerts strong immunosuppressive effects in gliomas[Massagué_2008], but there is a lack of information on how cannabis compounds might help. See Taming Inflammatory Cytokines

Controlling Gene Expression

CBD also lowers the ID1 oncogene, thereby reducing the invasiveness of glioblastomas[Soro_2013].


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