8.15 Cancers of the Oral Cavity, Pharynx, and Esophagus


CBG kills Human Oral Epithelial cancer Cells, including multi-drug resistant cells[Baek_1998]. Linalool has been shown to be cytotoxic against oral cancer cells[Sobral_2014, Linalool].

Perillyl alcohol and perillic acid are metabolites of d-limonene. These two compounds improve the effectiveness of radiation against tongue squamous cell cancer and pharynx squamous cell cancer[Samaila_2004]. The pharynx is a complex collection of structures extending above and below the back of the mouth. 

Inhibiting Invasion and Metastasis

Menthol has reduced the invasion potential of oral squamous carcinoma cell lines[Sobral_2014, menthol].

Cytokine Control

TNF-α promotes the development of pre-cancerous cells leading to oral squamous cell cancer[Lee_2012]. IL-1β promotes malignant transformation and tumor aggressiveness in oral cancer[Lee_2015].

Geraniol lowers TNF-α and IL-1β in a rat model of tongue cancer[Madankumar_2017]. Taming Inflammatory Cytokines
has some additional ideas on taming these two cytokines.


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