8.16 Other Cancers


Thyroid Cancer. Apigenin promotes apoptosis in thyroid cancer cells[Kim_2015][Yin_1999].

Bone Cancer. Linalool has been shown to be cytotoxic against bone cancer cells (Osteosarcoma Epithelial Cells)[Sobral_2014].

Fibrosarcoma is a highly metastatic form of bone cancer that expresses the cytokine TNF-α. A form of this cancer is found in mice. When mice with the cancer were treated with mouse-derived TNF-α, metastatic tumors sprang up more quickly. But when TNF-α was neutralized, the rate of new metastatic tumor creation slowed down[Orosz_1993]. See Taming Inflammatory Cytokines

Neuroblastoma is a childhood cancer originating in the sympathetic nervous system. CBD reduces the invasiveness of treated tumor cells and triggers apoptosis[Fisher_2016]. Terpinolene prevents cell proliferation in mouse neuroblastoma[Aydin_2013]. BCP and BCPO also induce apoptosis in neuroblastoma cells[Sain_2014].

Cancers in the region of the kidneys. Linalool is cytotoxic against renal cancers [Loizzo_2008][Sobral_2014].

Metastatic Testicular Cancer. CBD helps repair cisplatin-induced liver damage in mice[Pan_2008]. Cisplatin is used as a treatment for metastatic testicular cancer and for metastatic bladder cancer after other treatment strategies have failed[Cancer_2020].

Thymus cancer. THC induces apoptosis[McKallip_2002].

Spleen cancer. THC induces apoptosis[McKallip_2002].


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