8.6 Pancreatic Cancer


Ethan Stewart survived metastatic neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer by using large quantities of whole cannabis extracts. His personal story begins with the question "Can Cannabis Cure My Cancer?" and ends with the observation: "My life is all the proof I need"[Stew_2018]. WHile personal stories such of this do not provide replicated evidence, they do command attenntion.

Killing Cancer Cells

THC and CBD induce apoptosis in pancreatic cancer cells[Carra_2006]. Perillyl alcohol and α-bisabolol are cytotoxic against pancreatic cancer[Stayr_1997][Darra_2008].

Apigenin enhances the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug gemcitabine in treating pancreatic cancer[Ryu_2007].

Cytokine Control

Elevated IL-1β predicts pancreatic cancer risk[Maker_2011].

IL-6 is elevated in pancreatic cancer[Feurino_2007]. It plays an essential role in the development of pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma[Lesina_2011]. However, IL-6 also stimulates insulin production in non-cancerous pancreas islets[Krause_2012].

As noted in the article, Taming Inflammatory Cytokines
, CBD, THC, perillyl alcohol, α-Terpineol, 4-terpineol, eucalyptol, and apigenin may all be helpful in lowering IL-6. 

Inhibiting Invasion and Metastasis

BCP, α-Bisabolol, and Geraniol have an anti-proliferative effect against pancreatic cancer[Dahh_2015][Uno_2016][Burke_1997].

Apigenin enhances the anti-proliferative effect of chemotherapy drugs on human pancreatic cancer cells[John_2913].


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