8.12 Stomach Cancer


Killing Cancer Cells


β-caryophyllene oxide is cytotoxic against cell lines for stomach cancer[Jun_2011]. Additionally, β-caryophyllene oxide has improved the cytotoxicity for cancer cells of doxorubicin while decreasing its toxicity for normal cells[Ambro_2015].

d-Limonene, menthol, and linalool kill stomach cancer cells[Lu_2004][Lin+2005][Cherng_2007][Sobral_2014]. Apigenin is also cytotoxic[Wu_2005].

Preventing Angiogenesis

β-Eudesmol inhibits angiogenesis in human gastric cancer cells[Ma_2008].

Controlling Cytokines

IL-6 is elevated in stomach cancer. Its levels continue to rise as cancer progresses, promoting angiogenesis[Kim_2003][Huang_2994]. IL-22 is elevated in stomach cancer[Markota_2018]. TGF-β is elevated in stomach cancer and high levels indicate a poor prognosis for patients with advanced cancer[Saito_1999].

The Helicobacter Pylori bacteria increases the risk of gastric cancer by stimulating the production of TNF-α and IL-1β[Suganuma_2012][Shigematsu_2013].

For general ideas on controlling cytokines, see Taming Inflammatory Cytokines


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